The modern legal function cannot work optimally without reliance on technological solutions. In partnership with the British company SYKE, we help the legal teams that work for your business to select, acquire, and implement modern legal technologies, such as:

  • automation of workflow and agreement negotiation;
  • automation of legal processes;
  • implementation of electronic document management and digital signature;
  • the constructor of contracts, powers of attorney and other documents;
  • processing typical requests using the chatbot.

This allows you to significantly reduce resources for the legal function, optimizing it to the limits of intellectual work and, accordingly, saving you money.

  • Representation of interests of clients in state and local administration at all levels;
  • Consulting on issues of  interaction with state authorities and local self-government;
  • Protection in cases of administrative offenses;
  • Legal assessment of actions and decisions of administrative state bodies, including the antimonopoly body, customs authorities, etc.
  • Assistance in preparing responses to inquiries from government agencies for information;
  • Representation of clients' interests in the antimonopoly body as part of the consideration of cases of violation of the anti monopoly legislation, legislation on advertising, cases of administrative offenses, etc .;
  • Representation of clients' interests in judicial instances regarding an appeal of decisions, orders and, decisions on imposing fines imposed by the antimonopoly authority.
  • Representing clients in court with respect to appealing against decisions, orders and, decisions imposing fines imposed by the antimonopoly authority.
  • Legal protection of clients' interests in customs authorities (including contesting the adjustment of the customs value, excessive duties or other), currency control authorities.
  • Appealing against illegal actions (inaction) and decisions of state authorities, local governments, other states, and municipal authorities, as well as their officials, to a higher authority or senior official, as well as to the court. Compensation for losses resulting from a violation;
  • Legal support of obtaining permits for the installation and operation of advertising structures, a legal audit of the content of advertising for compliance with the legislation on advertising.
  • Interaction with government agencies is one of the main tasks of business. Competent interaction can prevent litigation, which sometimes takes a lot of time and consumes resources. In the event that litigation is necessary to resolve the dispute, we are ready to defend your interests in court in a qualified manner.

Full legal support of  franchise business model for both franchisor and franchisee including IP and corporate issues, real estate, technology, confidentiality, finance, taxes and other franchise aspects.

Full spectrum of legal advice in the startup environment - from corporate transactions to IP protection, including all funding rounds support.

  • Cadastral registration;
  • Adjustment of the real estate object cadastral value;
  • Legal advice for real estate transactions (sale and purchase, lease);
  • Due diligence of land plots and other real estate objects;
  • Real estate and construction disputes;
  • Legal support of real estate management (lease, exploitation agreements, etc.)
  • Legal advice on investment projects in real estate and construction;
  • Approval of re-modelling/ re-construction of the commercial real estate objects.